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Saint Barbara History


Saint Barbara was a virgin and martyr, who lived the early days of Christianity in the third century in Asia Minor and suffered for her beliefs. She was a beautiful young woman, daughter of a rich, jealous and bad-hearted man, who was an enemy of Christianity.


According to the story, her father named Dioscoro, fearful of the Christian ideas of the young woman, locked her up on top of a tower, to avoid that men would seduced her and could later marry her while he was absent.

During the absence of his father, Barbara embraced the Christian faith, was baptized and added one more window to the two that already were on a tower, to symbolize the Holy Trinity. Upon his return, Dioscoro became enraged and took her to court to force her to renounce her faith.

She was judged, mistreated and humiliated like so many other saints. Her own father was the one who decapitated her with a sword on the top of a mountain after which lightning struck him, killing him as well.

Barbara was buried in a small town, where many miracles subsequently occurred. Santa Barbara is part of the 14 auxiliary saints of the Catholic church.


She is one of the most popular saints of greater devotion.